Month: November 2013

Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police


Huge explosives, unnecessary romantic sub plots, and unintelligent missions of mass destruction; basically every action movie of the past 10 years. Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s Team America: World Police portrays exactly whats wrong with the film industry and allows for people to see how stupid action movies are. I’m not joking when I say that its the smartest movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Many people assume that anything created by Trey Parker makes people dumber by the minute, however it is the exact opposite. He points out everything that is wrong with American politics, media, and people, to the point where you are encouraged to think for yourself.

Another winning factor is that the entire movie is made with puppets. Only a genius would think of such a hilarious premise where the characters movements are awkward to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

It tells the story of Gary Johnston, a popular broadway star, who is given the biggest performance of his lifetime. Team America needs his help to take down the evil terrorists by going undercover and stopping their diabolical plan to destroy the world. Throughout the story, he learns about love, friendship, and the American way. Its truly one of the most unforgettable journeys caught on film.

I would recommend this movie to anyone with a trace of intelligence and a cruel sense of humour. I promise that it won’t disappoint.

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Terrence Malick’s Badlands


An unconventional love story of murder and betrayal, Terrence Malick‘s Badlands is truly a work of art. It tells a simplistic story of a man meeting a young woman and falling in love, however things are never that straightforward. Things change, people change, and plans change. It’s a never ending cycle of events that is somehow always surprising.

Holly Sargis is a typical good girl, who’s entire life changed when she took a walk with a stranger. Kit Carruthers was everything that she had ever dreamed of; he was handsome, charming and not approved by her father. He was perfect. They spent an entire summer together, longing for better things and better places. Kit got out of hand one day and his actions forced them out of the town, to live in the wild. Far away from the troubles of the world they learn lessons on love, friendship, and never giving up on whats right.

I’ve been a  huge fan of Terrence Malick’s work  since the first time I watched The Thin Red LineHis beautiful cinematography and profound character development makes his movies like no other. They’re real, they’re sincere and they’re beautiful masterpieces of pure genius. You step inside his mind and find magnificent landscapes followed by music that send shivers down your spine. They’re movies that stick with you and devour your every thought until you watch it for the second time. These are the type of movies that matter, they make a difference in your life. Good or bad, a movie that makes an impact is an amazing feeling.

I personally loved this film. It’s a movie that I could believe. It didn’t have some over the top romantic sub-plot that ruined the rest of the movie and it didn’t have a forlorn tragedy. It’s so much better than that; It’s real.

Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums


Quirky, uplifting, and hilarious, what else is there to expect with a Wes Anderson film? The Royal Tenenbaums is a wondrous movie about a family that is being torn at the seams. The word “family” has been long forgotten in their household however a illness has opened their eyes to whats truly important.

Wes Anderson is an American film director and screenwriter. He has amazed audiences throughout the world with his unique approach to filmmaking and unconventional story-lines. I, personally, have been a huge fan of his work since I first watched The Life of Aquatic, thus opening my eyes to all of his other works of art. Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Rushmore, and the Darjeeling Limited begun to fill my mind as I was consumed by the stories that he had created. I adored every single one, but for some strange reason I decided not to watch The Royal Tenenbaum‘s, until now.

Whimsical music fills your ears as you are brought into a world of pure despair. That pretty much sums up every single Wes Anderson film. Its magical the way its so relatable but exaggerated to the point where you’re laughing none stop. The way that he relates to real life problems but makes them seem so silly allows you realize how small and irrelevant everyday problems are, even though people tend to give them so much power.

I personally enjoyed this film so much that I couldn’t help but break my oath and watch it multiple times. It’s just so uplifting and heartfelt that it haunted my every thought until I built up the courage to watch it for the third time.

I would recommend this film to anyone that loves eccentric films about real life problems. It truly brings you on a journey of self loathing and self finding to the point where you shed tears of pure happiness.

James Wan’s Saw


Often associated with disgusting gore that is vulgar and unwatchable, however I see it as one of the greatest horror films of all time. I admit that this is not the first time that I watched Saw, but I want to express my love for it and argue that its so much more than your average blood infested scary movie.

I have been in many debates with my peers who claim that it has absolutely no substance and its just a montage awesome gore thats followed by annoying industrial music. They associate it with its many sequels that have drawn out into exactly that, however the original is so much more.

Adam Faulkner and Lawrence Gordon are awakened by the pungent smell of dried blood and other bodily fluids. Chained to the pipes of a worn down public bathroom they’re asked if they would like to play a game. This is no ordinary game, nor will the consequences be harmless. They will have to conquer every task in order to ensure safety of not only themselves, but the ones they love.

It is not your typical story of a corrupt murderer who just kills people for the hell of it. He has logic, understanding, and a responsibility as a human being to make people live their lives to the fullest.

I personally love the storyline and I specifically remember being very affected by its meaningful plot and overall moral. It’s a movie that makes you think, rather than just watch, and thats what movies should do. You should be put into a trance that completely shuts out the world around you, and the stress of your everyday life.

The overall acting is phenomenal, and the way that they respond to the challenges is extremely accurate and relatable. It allows for the viewers to think about how they would react to said tasks and deal with the consequences, making it so much more interesting to watch.

I would recommend this film to anyone that enjoys thrillers that have epic plot twists and eerie situations that make you think about the world that we live in.

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