Rodney Ascher’s Room 237


Unravelling one of the most intellectually driven films of all time, Room 237 is a documentary that will change your perspective on film as a whole.

Stanley Kubrick is a groundbreaking  film maker whose unique style has allowed him to stand out as a genius among mere amateurs of film. His remarkable intelligence shines through in his movies to create an art that will be studied for decades. He has the tendency to make his films that include more than just an amazing story, if you look a little closer it could shock you. His placement of objects, subliminal messages, and overall feel takes people into a trance that allows them to watch over and over. I personally love The Shining, as well as his enthralling film; A Clockwork Orange. I remember the first time I watched it, being so young and not exposed to such heavy context, it opened my eyes to the wonderful world of horror films. His films are similar in their beauty and underlying symbolism that sends shivers down my spine and clears me of all stress. His movies made a large impact on film lovers throughout the globe, thus creating Room 237. 

Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 is a compilation of clips from the legendary film the Shining, with various opinions and arguments surrounding it. Its incredibly interesting and mind-boggling to see how much of the film you miss when you just watch it. The narrators opinions are so raw and heartfelt that its as if  you’re having a intellectual conversation with friends. They truly study Kubrick’s films as if it’s they’re a religion, yet it makes so much sense. Spiritually and mentally it keeps them sane and allows for them to love something more than life itself, so why not call it religion?

This film is perfect for anyone that is interested in Kubrick’s work, or even film as a whole. You learn to question the deeper meaning of film, instead of something you just enjoy to watch once in a while. It can change your perspective on everything and you might not even notice it. It can hit you like a ton of bricks, yet you keep going as if it were a mere particle of dust. Overall, in the end, you will be moved in the most unlikely way that will reflect in your reality.



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