Month: June 2014

Thomas Vinterbergs The Hunt

The Hunt

Stress that will haunt you for days, anger that will lead to objects being thrown at the screen, and sadness that will make you want to contact the director and ask why he chose to torture you. Thomas Vinterbergs The Hunt is a film that is so realistic that it makes me sick.

Lucas is a man that has never committed a crime in his life. He is highly dedicated to his work, and the friendships of those around him. Known as one of the most beloved people in the town, yet opinions can change in a matter of seconds. A little white lie, by a person that couldn’t possibly comprehend the consequences, turns the entire town against him. Unaware of why it is happening, or how his friends that have cherished his friendship for nearly thirty years would chose to slam their doors in his face. ┬áHe is soon condemned to stay in his house, unable to defend his honour or even say a word to the people that loathe him. What stressed me out the most was the fact that the people relied so much on the opinion of the accuser and never even thought to talk to Lucas. They just shunned him from their households and the grocery stores that he had been shopping at for years. The stupidity of the town is on purpose, to emphasize the stupidity of cases of this nature. It shows the audience how terrible a situation like this is, and how there really isn’t a way to recover from it. Once something that traumatic happens, people never forget. Even if it is only mentioned in whispers and behind closed doors, the impact it makes can leave people up at night, wondering.

The acting in this film makes it very believable, making it even more emotionally draining. You feel connected to the characters and find yourself putting yourself in their position. In this situation, its a terrible technique thats makes the audience cringe and squirm in their seats.

Overall The Hunt is a film that gets to the very depths of human emotions. Betrayal, disgust, and confusion mould together to make a beautiful film. Emotions are emotions, whether they’re good or bad. I’d rather watch a film filled with terrible feelings than one thats empty.