Throughout my life, I have watched endless amounts of films in comparison to the average 17 year old. Movies that have changed my life, movies that have completely altered the way I think and act and I am always on the search for more. More moments that send shivers down my spine, make me laugh until I cry, or cry until I can’t possibly be happy again. It’s incredible how much impact a film can make on your life. A simple scene change, montage of serenity, or even a grim plot twist could become relatable in the most profound way. I can remember my first everything; my first tears, my first laugh, my first scream. These movies will stay in a special place in my heart forever, and for that I am grateful. I am grateful for the rainy days spent watching films with the people I love. Parents that introduced me to the classics as well as the contemporary an unique. They’ve moulded my brain to admire the fascinating universe inside my beloved television screen and have taught me to never take it for granted. Although I love and worship movies, I do have the tendency to watch them repeatedly until they become dull and lifeless. This blog will motivate me to watch every movie I’ve missed out on. Every movie that I’ve lied about watching, or schmoozed about because I saw it on the internet. I promise to watch every single one and reminisce in their true beauty, as well as look back on the ones that impacted me the most in my lifetime.


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