Spike Jonzes Her


Love; an emotion that cannot be defined, nor can it be controlled. Who is to judge what love truly is? Whether its for an inanimate object, or a person, it shouldn’t make a difference. If a little girl has a favourite stuffed animal and loves it more than anything, isn’t that real? Isn’t her love for it just as real as anything else? Love is feeling, not an object that can only be granted to certain people. Spike Jonzes Her is a remarkable film that challenges the way we view love, and feelings as a whole.

Theodore Thwombly is a lonely man, that is getting over his recent divorce. He feels as though life couldn’t possibly get better, or worse. At a stand still, with zero purpose and a dying need for someone to love. Suddenly, one day on his way back from another miserable day at work, he comes across an ad for a new form of technology. Its an artificially intelligent operating system, that has its own personality, thoughts, and feelings. He purchases it, out of curiosity, but the outcome is so much more than expected. He meets Samantha, the girl of his dreams. She understands him in ways that he thought were unattainable and made him feel human again. He was happy and content with life, however the biggest struggle was accepting it. Accepting the fact that he was in love with something that isn’t real in a physical state, but is real in his heart. He’s afraid of how people will react when he introduces her at a party, or how they might not understand. It’s a wonderful story that shows how people shouldn’t care. If you love someone, you love them. 

This is one of those movies that will change a lot of peoples lives. I know it changed mine. I’ve been waiting for this film to be released since it started filming last year. And I’ve been amazed with how much love and respect its gotten with audiences across the world. I’ve been a fan of Jonzes work since Being John Malkovich, and Joaquin Phoenix since Gladiator. I knew it was going to be a great movie, but not this good. I honestly sat in the movie theatre, in tears from how amazing it was. I was kept up all night, because of its impact and the thoughts that come along with it. I can understand that some people might think that a film with such a strange plot isn’t worth watching, but its much more real than you would think. It’s like looking into the future and seeing what our reliance on technology will do. Our society is growing more and more devoted to technology and its convenience. I wouldn’t be surprised if an artificial intelligence program was created within ten years from now. It will consume our society and there will be no turning back. People will rely on technology for everything, making all human contact useless and the meaning of life altered. Even 20 years ago, man kind relied on conversation, and social interactions, rather than Facebook messages and snap chat. A persons self worth is measured on the amount of “likes” on a picture, rather than their actual personality. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

I will be difficult for filmmakers to create a movie as beautifully written and heartfelt as this one. Its one of the smartest films I’ve seen in a very long time and I hope that people will learn from it to accept the people around them and to love whatever makes them happy. All that matters is that at the end of your life you look back and see that you loved someone. That the simple thought of them brought joy to your world and pain out of your heart. Thats all that matters; love.


Jean-Luc Godards Pierrot Le Fou


A world where happiness is encouraged, dancing is mandatory, and emotions aren’t suppressed. I wish more than anything that my life was a Jean-Luc Godard film. I wish that it was nearly as colourful, or spontaneous. That life wasn’t seen as a set of goals, but as an opportunity to be as happy as possible. A persons objective isn’t to get the perfect job, but to love someone more than anything. Pierrot Le Fou tells the story of what life should be.

Pierrot is a man that loves two things in life; literature and Marianne. He runs off with her, abandoning his life in search of happiness. No more conformity, or caring what people think, its just him and Marianne against the world. They’re soon on the run for their reckless behaviour, yet they couldn’t care less. They live in various unconventional places, but all they care about is each others presence. It, however is not a love story. It’s a story of life and how people would do anything to be happy. I don’t care if it sounds stupid or unrealistic, but its something that isn’t seen much in film today. Its a part of old French cinema that I love so much. It’s not the storyline that makes me love them, its the writing and emotions that are examined. It puts all of your emotions into profound words that explain everything that has ever been questioned. It opens your eyes wider than ever before, and changes your perspective forever. I don’t care if I sound insane, or that my words are over exaggerated, but then you clearly have never seen a Godard film.

Jean Luc-Godard is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, His quirky and unconventional writing style is what sets him apart from the crowd and makes him stand out as a genius in the film industry. I promise that if you were to watch this film, that it will change your perspective on life, love, and happiness. It will open your mind to new thoughts and emotions that you thought were never possible. It is a movie whose effect can last a lifetime, yet it’ll never grow old.

Dennis Hoppers Easy Rider


Imagine being able to leave your day to day life and travel across the country. No more knowing what the next day will bring, or whether it will be pleasant. Relying solely on instincts and the everlasting urge to live in the moment. Dennis Hoppers Easy Rider is a film that shows what is imagined on a daily basis in cubicles across the country. Freedom, courage, and spontaneous interaction with people of similar interest. It is truly a tale of the American Dream.

Best friends Wyatt and Billy cruise across America, determined to make it to Mardi Gras on time. They find themselves distracted by the people they meet and the opinions of civilians that don’t understand. Shunned like a stray dog in the streets for not conforming to societies expectations. However, they could care less, because they’re the ones that are truly free. They don’t need to be accepted or thought of kindly, they just need to live their lives the way they want, and everyone else can mind their own business. They soon discover that it isn’t about getting to Mardi Gras, its about the journey there and their experiences in-between. This is an extremely important concept for people to grasp. You are not defined by your end result, you are defined by how you get there. Your life would be pointless if you never effected people in some sort of way, and didn’t fight for what you believed in.

Dennis Hopper created a debut film that can define his career. His directing style and choice of music truly sets him apart from other people of that time. In 1969 film was considered sophisticated, and no one wanted to hear a story about hippies. He shows us that he was years ahead of everyone else with his knowledge of life and its importance. He has been, and will continue to be, one of my favourite people in the movie industry, and I hope that more people will go back and enjoy his films, because they are truly a work of art.

Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza


Paolo Sorrentino’s La Grande Bellezza (The Great Beauty) is a film that truly deserves its title. It’s not only beautiful, but its moving and inspiring to the point of tears. It hooks you right from the beginning and won’t let go until the end. But during that time, you’re forced to deal with various emotions that most would like to ignore.

Jep Gambardella is a burnt out journalist that lives in Rome. He spends his nights partying to compensate for his dark thoughts and fear of growing old. He soon realizes that death is something that can’t be ignored. He, much like every other man his age, must embrace life like its the beginning, but think as if its the end. Its incredibly difficult for him to focus as he becomes unruly and distant from the people around him.  He attempts to continue finding hope and new feelings that haven’t already been experienced in his long life, through art and culture. However, it becomes very draining, seeing all of his friends dreams die and fade away, just like his did 20 years before. I really loved the story because its so simple, allowing for it to be relatable. It’s a point in every persons life that they don’t want to face and isn’t usually told. Most movies focus on a persons prime time, instead of it’s descent. It gives people a sense of belonging, like it isn’t strange to feel a certain way, even if its sad, it should’t be. Everyone dies, it doesn’t matter when or how, it just matters that you lived.

From classical violin, to the steady beats of techno, an array of sounds tells the story almost better than the actors. The music in The Great Beauty played a huge part in my feeling towards it. There was such a wide variety of sounds that I think it described life well. At times it was upbeat and happy, others it was sad. Life tends to be like that. There is no certainty that your day will be happy, or sad, or nothing.  It just depends on the way you look at it.

It is truly a film that I will remember for the rest of my life. I hope to grow old enough to understand this movie better and recognize its true beauty. I will watch it again, and it will inspire me and allow me to leave this world on a positive note, knowing that my life was not wasted, even if it was.

Park Chan-wook’s Stoker


A visually stunning masterpiece, that proves that in order to beautiful, you don’t have to be pretty. Park Chan-wook’s Stoker is a film with a  morbid and disturbing plot, but the way it is filmed makes it a work of art.

India Stoker is a strange young girl with a curiosity that can’t be tamed. She is no ordinary girl, with an ordinary life. She used to spend her spare time with her father hunting, until the terrible accident. He died, leaving her alone with her mother, whom she can’t possibly relate to. At the funeral, her mother reveals to her that she has an uncle, that they never bothered to mention because of his travels. Right away she realizes that something isn’t right about this man, and his effect on her mother. Theres a growing tension between them, and At first, I thought that it was going to be a contemporary version of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and didn’t expect to like it all, but the cinematography made up for its poor storyline. It progressively gets better throughout the film, but I still didn’t enjoy the plot. It just seems like a really lame TV movie with terrible writers and actors that didn’t fit the part. The characters also were questionable because they have no morals, and completely go against everything they believe in. At the start of the movie they feel one way, and then as it continues they just seem to forget. It’s also supposed to be scary but it seems like the main character couldn’t care less about what was happening around her. This made it very difficult to connect with her and have any sympathy whatsoever.

Cinematography has a lot to do with then quality of a film. If my review was supposed to be based solely on the cinematography, I’d say that its perfect. However, that is not the case. It, as a whole, is a decent film. It is not amazing, nor is it special in any way. I recommend this film to people that don’t mind watching it with the sound turned off. That way you can see how beautiful it is, without being corrupted by the rest of the movie.

David O. Russell’s American Hustle

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.04.16 AM

A glamorous look into a crime filled world that is drowning in scandals and greed. David O. Russell’s American Hustle is a refreshing look back into the past of cinema that has been forgotten throughout the years of action movies and non-stop unnecessary violence.

It tells the story of a man named Irving Rosenfeld, a con man, who teamed up with the savvy and smart Edith Greensly to create a duo that is capable conning their way out of any situation. After getting caught, they’re forced to work with an FBI agent, Richie Dimaso to take down the vigorous power brokers of Jersey as well as the mafia. Their journey proves to be one of the most elegant, flashy, and interesting stories of the year that is bound to be recognized for its beauty.

Rarely do I see a film where every single actor performs at their best, David O. Russell’s American Hustle has a cast that really surprised me. Honestly, when I see a movie with a star studded cast, I run away as fast as I can, but this is the exception. It, unlike other poorly casted movies, had actors that really belonged on the screen. I can’t name a single person who performed the best, because they all delivered amazing performances that will be remembered throughout their hopefully long lasting careers.

My biggest pet peeve while watching a film is when it all of the sudden turns into a music video. When theres no acting and just emotional pondering while a good song plays, much like every episode of Greys Anatomy. There were several points in the film where music took over and it actually added to the story instead of taking away. The choice of music was perfect and allowed for the story to grow into something more than a crime film. It allows for it to distinguish itself among other crime films that seem more serious and intense and stand out as the new era of gangster films.

Overall I really enjoyed this film. It’s really entertaining and fun to watch, and I would recommend it to just about anyone that loves crime films, old or new the style will never change, but the quirks make it memorable.

Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal


Ingmar Bergman‘s The Seventh Seal is a film that will forever be relevant. It is a simplistic story of a man named Antonius Block, who has challenged death to a game of chess. Throughout the film he is on the search for knowledge; knowledge of whats to come after the great darkness that is death. It’s a factor of life that is inevitable, however people still tend to talk about it in whispers. That’s what makes The Seventh Seal so breathtaking, it deals with real emotions that real people deal with on a daily basis. It takes a dive into your deepest, darkest thoughts and never apologizes for it.

It’s a bold statement complimented by terrific cinematography. Nowadays visual appeal is based on special effects however in 1957 it was so much more than that. Images that stay in your mind for years to follow and symbolism that truly makes you think about life. This is how film is meant to be.

I highly recommend this film to anyone that is somewhat intelligent. It’s a truly unforgettable journey that will challenge your mind as well as your willingness to exceed the inevitable.

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