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Ingmar Bergmans Persona


It is very rare to come across a film that can make even the most open minded person uncomfortable. Not in a way that is gruesome or grotesque in any way, but real. So utterly real that it makes your stomach turn and your mind rot. Words that are so close to reality that they surpass the vast time difference and are forever relevant. Ingmar Bergmans Persona is one of the most haunting films of all time.

Elizabeth Volger is an actress that has refused to talk and is immediately admitted into a mental hospital. Its overall atmosphere is very uncomfortable, so the doctor allows for her, and the nurse Alba, to spend time at his beach house. Alba automatically finds comfort in Elizabeths silence, for she has many secrets that are better left unsaid. She suddenly feels as though she could tell Elizabeth anything without even a glimpse of judgement. It’s an amazing feeling, and she takes advantage of her silence until it goes too far. They begin to get unruly with each others presence as their minds take over.

The moment I started this movie, I knew I’d love it. The screeching music fills your ears as you’re hypnotized by flashing images of violence and beauty. You’re forced into a world that you wished you could escape, but its unique beauty makes it impossible. Its irresistible in a way that cannot be explained, yet I ensure you it is worth it. In the end you’re left feeling naked. Stripped of your interior image, and left to cope with emotions that are better left unsaid.


Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal


Ingmar Bergman‘s The Seventh Seal is a film that will forever be relevant. It is a simplistic story of a man named Antonius Block, who has challenged death to a game of chess. Throughout the film he is on the search for knowledge; knowledge of whats to come after the great darkness that is death. It’s a factor of life that is inevitable, however people still tend to talk about it in whispers. That’s what makes The Seventh Seal so breathtaking, it deals with real emotions that real people deal with on a daily basis. It takes a dive into your deepest, darkest thoughts and never apologizes for it.

It’s a bold statement complimented by terrific cinematography. Nowadays visual appeal is based on special effects however in 1957 it was so much more than that. Images that stay in your mind for years to follow and symbolism that truly makes you think about life. This is how film is meant to be.

I highly recommend this film to anyone that is somewhat intelligent. It’s a truly unforgettable journey that will challenge your mind as well as your willingness to exceed the inevitable.

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