Miles Forman’s Hair

Hair 2

Guilty pleasures are rarely praised. They sit at the back of your mind, awaiting attention, and only get recognized during times of despair. They aren’t mentioned in conversations, but only when a person is most vulnerable, do they emerge. Hair by Milo’s Forman, is one of the biggest guilty pleasures. However, I, do not hide my love for it. A person should not be ashamed of something that allows them to feel happiness, it is a pleasure that is too often faked,  and not easy to come by.

Hair tells the story of a small town country boy, Claude Hopper, portrayed by the highly underrated actor John Savage, visiting to New York City for the first time before he joins the army. He only has three days to spend before the terror of war, and thats all he needs. He immediately befriends a group of hippies who encourage him to embrace life and friendship. He soon realizes that life can be difficult for even the most care free groups of people. Its a story that perfectly depicts life in the 60’s, and true friendship as a whole.

Oh and did I mention that its a musical? Well it is, allowing the viewer to truly enjoy the upbeat and fun loving theme. The songs, dance numbers, and overall vibe of the film leaves the viewer feeling enlightened and wanting to buy the soundtrack. I, personally, love musicals, however it could be very overbearing for those who aren’t used to incessant music numbers that lead the plot along.  As a whole, its still one of my favourite films, even if I know people cringe and laugh when I speak so fondly of it. Its a film that can make me happy at any point of my life and that is an undeniably magical trait in the world we live in.


Thomas Vinterbergs The Hunt

The Hunt

Stress that will haunt you for days, anger that will lead to objects being thrown at the screen, and sadness that will make you want to contact the director and ask why he chose to torture you. Thomas Vinterbergs The Hunt is a film that is so realistic that it makes me sick.

Lucas is a man that has never committed a crime in his life. He is highly dedicated to his work, and the friendships of those around him. Known as one of the most beloved people in the town, yet opinions can change in a matter of seconds. A little white lie, by a person that couldn’t possibly comprehend the consequences, turns the entire town against him. Unaware of why it is happening, or how his friends that have cherished his friendship for nearly thirty years would chose to slam their doors in his face.  He is soon condemned to stay in his house, unable to defend his honour or even say a word to the people that loathe him. What stressed me out the most was the fact that the people relied so much on the opinion of the accuser and never even thought to talk to Lucas. They just shunned him from their households and the grocery stores that he had been shopping at for years. The stupidity of the town is on purpose, to emphasize the stupidity of cases of this nature. It shows the audience how terrible a situation like this is, and how there really isn’t a way to recover from it. Once something that traumatic happens, people never forget. Even if it is only mentioned in whispers and behind closed doors, the impact it makes can leave people up at night, wondering.

The acting in this film makes it very believable, making it even more emotionally draining. You feel connected to the characters and find yourself putting yourself in their position. In this situation, its a terrible technique thats makes the audience cringe and squirm in their seats.

Overall The Hunt is a film that gets to the very depths of human emotions. Betrayal, disgust, and confusion mould together to make a beautiful film. Emotions are emotions, whether they’re good or bad. I’d rather watch a film filled with terrible feelings than one thats empty.

Ingmar Bergmans Persona


It is very rare to come across a film that can make even the most open minded person uncomfortable. Not in a way that is gruesome or grotesque in any way, but real. So utterly real that it makes your stomach turn and your mind rot. Words that are so close to reality that they surpass the vast time difference and are forever relevant. Ingmar Bergmans Persona is one of the most haunting films of all time.

Elizabeth Volger is an actress that has refused to talk and is immediately admitted into a mental hospital. Its overall atmosphere is very uncomfortable, so the doctor allows for her, and the nurse Alba, to spend time at his beach house. Alba automatically finds comfort in Elizabeths silence, for she has many secrets that are better left unsaid. She suddenly feels as though she could tell Elizabeth anything without even a glimpse of judgement. It’s an amazing feeling, and she takes advantage of her silence until it goes too far. They begin to get unruly with each others presence as their minds take over.

The moment I started this movie, I knew I’d love it. The screeching music fills your ears as you’re hypnotized by flashing images of violence and beauty. You’re forced into a world that you wished you could escape, but its unique beauty makes it impossible. Its irresistible in a way that cannot be explained, yet I ensure you it is worth it. In the end you’re left feeling naked. Stripped of your interior image, and left to cope with emotions that are better left unsaid.

Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis


A beautiful story, told through not only emotions, but breathtaking songs. Joel and Ethan Coen’s Inside Llewyn Davis is a film whose music guides you more than any other film ever could.

Llewyn Davis is a man that loves folk music more than anything in the world. The movie follows him as he tries to find his way in the music business as well as get over his recent breakup with long time girlfriend, Jean. The story follows him for just a week, in the Greenwich folk music scene. Oscar Isaac does an amazing job of portraying the heartache of folk music. Even at times when all hope is lost, you can still hear so much passion and love in his voice.

I have to admit that the actual story told is very dull, however the music makes everything come to life, much like folk music as a whole. I am not saying that it was completely boring, because to me it wasn’t, but to someone that isn’t used to actually watching a film and taking it all in, it might not suit them so well. Over the years popular films are more fast paced in order to keep the audience interested, which is completely stupid. The best parts of some films are the pauses, silences, and moments of pure bliss, where you can just think about what your watching. The film represents folk music well, and you can’t help but buy the soundtrack within the first ten minutes of it.

As a whole this film made me question why it wasn’t nominated for more oscars. It was nominated for best cinematography, which is well deserved, however it deserves more recognition. In my opinion, its better than many of the films nominated this year, and I hope that more people will watch it and grow to understand its simplistic beauty.

Spike Jonzes Her


Love; an emotion that cannot be defined, nor can it be controlled. Who is to judge what love truly is? Whether its for an inanimate object, or a person, it shouldn’t make a difference. If a little girl has a favourite stuffed animal and loves it more than anything, isn’t that real? Isn’t her love for it just as real as anything else? Love is feeling, not an object that can only be granted to certain people. Spike Jonzes Her is a remarkable film that challenges the way we view love, and feelings as a whole.

Theodore Thwombly is a lonely man, that is getting over his recent divorce. He feels as though life couldn’t possibly get better, or worse. At a stand still, with zero purpose and a dying need for someone to love. Suddenly, one day on his way back from another miserable day at work, he comes across an ad for a new form of technology. Its an artificially intelligent operating system, that has its own personality, thoughts, and feelings. He purchases it, out of curiosity, but the outcome is so much more than expected. He meets Samantha, the girl of his dreams. She understands him in ways that he thought were unattainable and made him feel human again. He was happy and content with life, however the biggest struggle was accepting it. Accepting the fact that he was in love with something that isn’t real in a physical state, but is real in his heart. He’s afraid of how people will react when he introduces her at a party, or how they might not understand. It’s a wonderful story that shows how people shouldn’t care. If you love someone, you love them. 

This is one of those movies that will change a lot of peoples lives. I know it changed mine. I’ve been waiting for this film to be released since it started filming last year. And I’ve been amazed with how much love and respect its gotten with audiences across the world. I’ve been a fan of Jonzes work since Being John Malkovich, and Joaquin Phoenix since Gladiator. I knew it was going to be a great movie, but not this good. I honestly sat in the movie theatre, in tears from how amazing it was. I was kept up all night, because of its impact and the thoughts that come along with it. I can understand that some people might think that a film with such a strange plot isn’t worth watching, but its much more real than you would think. It’s like looking into the future and seeing what our reliance on technology will do. Our society is growing more and more devoted to technology and its convenience. I wouldn’t be surprised if an artificial intelligence program was created within ten years from now. It will consume our society and there will be no turning back. People will rely on technology for everything, making all human contact useless and the meaning of life altered. Even 20 years ago, man kind relied on conversation, and social interactions, rather than Facebook messages and snap chat. A persons self worth is measured on the amount of “likes” on a picture, rather than their actual personality. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

I will be difficult for filmmakers to create a movie as beautifully written and heartfelt as this one. Its one of the smartest films I’ve seen in a very long time and I hope that people will learn from it to accept the people around them and to love whatever makes them happy. All that matters is that at the end of your life you look back and see that you loved someone. That the simple thought of them brought joy to your world and pain out of your heart. Thats all that matters; love.

John Wells’ August: Osage County


Its Meryl Streep’s world, we’re just living in it. John Well’s August: Osage County proves that a story isn’t what drives film, it is the manner in which it is delivered.

Family is one of the most important aspects of life. They can inspire, motivate and nourish a person, or they can knock them down, showing no mercy. August: Osage County tells the story of unconventional family that has been faced with death. They’re all brought back together after years of being separated, and are forced to get along under the circumstances. Violet, the mother who is portrayed by Meryl Streep, is what causes all of the drama. She is an old woman with cancer, who gets through the day by taking hundreds of pills. This leads her to hurt the people around her with her truthful words that they would rather not hear. She tells the truth because everyone else is scared. Scared that it will alter their feelings for one another any more than it already has. When someone points out something that has been ignored for years, its finally seen clear. Its finally something that isn’t just locked up in their minds awaiting assistance. I liked this film because it not only dealt with serious problems that people face on a daily basis, but it is also very funny. Its crude humour makes it enjoyable and adds light to terrible situations. It’s the kind of humour that can only be shared between family members, because they’re the only ones that could possibly understand. They’re the only people that have to understand, its a strange relationship that somehow stays intact over the years of change. Personalities change and circumstances change, but family is always brought together in one way or another.

Life goes on, and family stays together. Its just a cycle of events, that always leads to the same thing. A family reunion, filled with similar faces, but different circumstances. August: Osage County is a film that emphasizes the importance of family in the most beautiful way.

Jean-Luc Godards Pierrot Le Fou


A world where happiness is encouraged, dancing is mandatory, and emotions aren’t suppressed. I wish more than anything that my life was a Jean-Luc Godard film. I wish that it was nearly as colourful, or spontaneous. That life wasn’t seen as a set of goals, but as an opportunity to be as happy as possible. A persons objective isn’t to get the perfect job, but to love someone more than anything. Pierrot Le Fou tells the story of what life should be.

Pierrot is a man that loves two things in life; literature and Marianne. He runs off with her, abandoning his life in search of happiness. No more conformity, or caring what people think, its just him and Marianne against the world. They’re soon on the run for their reckless behaviour, yet they couldn’t care less. They live in various unconventional places, but all they care about is each others presence. It, however is not a love story. It’s a story of life and how people would do anything to be happy. I don’t care if it sounds stupid or unrealistic, but its something that isn’t seen much in film today. Its a part of old French cinema that I love so much. It’s not the storyline that makes me love them, its the writing and emotions that are examined. It puts all of your emotions into profound words that explain everything that has ever been questioned. It opens your eyes wider than ever before, and changes your perspective forever. I don’t care if I sound insane, or that my words are over exaggerated, but then you clearly have never seen a Godard film.

Jean Luc-Godard is one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, His quirky and unconventional writing style is what sets him apart from the crowd and makes him stand out as a genius in the film industry. I promise that if you were to watch this film, that it will change your perspective on life, love, and happiness. It will open your mind to new thoughts and emotions that you thought were never possible. It is a movie whose effect can last a lifetime, yet it’ll never grow old.