Miles Forman’s Hair

Hair 2

Guilty pleasures are rarely praised. They sit at the back of your mind, awaiting attention, and only get recognized during times of despair. They aren’t mentioned in conversations, but only when a person is most vulnerable, do they emerge. Hair by Milo’s Forman, is one of the biggest guilty pleasures. However, I, do not hide my love for it. A person should not be ashamed of something that allows them to feel happiness, it is a pleasure that is too often faked,  and not easy to come by.

Hair tells the story of a small town country boy, Claude Hopper, portrayed by the highly underrated actor John Savage, visiting to New York City for the first time before he joins the army. He only has three days to spend before the terror of war, and thats all he needs. He immediately befriends a group of hippies who encourage him to embrace life and friendship. He soon realizes that life can be difficult for even the most care free groups of people. Its a story that perfectly depicts life in the 60’s, and true friendship as a whole.

Oh and did I mention that its a musical? Well it is, allowing the viewer to truly enjoy the upbeat and fun loving theme. The songs, dance numbers, and overall vibe of the film leaves the viewer feeling enlightened and wanting to buy the soundtrack. I, personally, love musicals, however it could be very overbearing for those who aren’t used to incessant music numbers that lead the plot along.  As a whole, its still one of my favourite films, even if I know people cringe and laugh when I speak so fondly of it. Its a film that can make me happy at any point of my life and that is an undeniably magical trait in the world we live in.


Wim Wenders Paris, Texas

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Every once in awhile, I can come across a film that is so beautiful that it leaves me effected in one way or another. Wim Wenders Paris, Texas is a film that is worth remembering for the rest of my life. I will forever cherish the first time I watched it; the stunning visuals, the  quirky music and most of all; the words spoken that left me speechless. 

Travis Henderson is a man with nothing left to loose, literally. He abandoned his wife and child for four years, unknowing of the consequences. Found by his brother, stumbling across the dessert and brought back into the real world without a word of where he went, or why. All he had with him was a small picture of a lot in Paris, Texas, claiming that its going to be his home with his wife and child. His brother had been taking care of his son, and his wife is no where to be found. Struggling to connect with his son, he feels guilt for his absence and soon realizes what needs to be done.

The camera captures images of relationships and nature in such a way that displays their true beauty and the secrets that lay beyond. The cinematography is a main contributing factor to my love for this film. Much of the film is told through silence and moments where the viewer is encouraged to just think. Many people grow unruly and impatient with a film like this, but its beauty makes up for its lack of plot. I’m not saying that it isn’t interesting, because some of the best films are the ones that are relatable. I’d much rather watch a film thats boring, but I can relate to, rather than a film thats action packed and completely unrealistic. I love being able to take something away of a film, whether it be factual, or understanding myself as a human being. Either way, any film that leaves an after taste, is a film worth recommending.

Fredrick Bond’s The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman


I think its a beautiful movie. Thats it. I think its beautiful and thats all that counts, doesn’t it? Regardless of its terrible reviews and flaws that just further my argument, I think its lovely. A film doesn’t have to be perfect or consistent or shiny for everyone to see. It just needs to relate, that was its original purpose, and I think that it needs to go back to those simplistic guidelines. No I am not going to start ranting about how relatable it is or how it changed my life, because it didn’t, but that doesn’t make it any less of a good movie. It’s not that I find any character relatable, but relatable as a human. I can understand his feelings and actions, even though its so obscure.

It tells the story a man on the look for a purpose in life after his home has been destroyed. Not a home in the literal sense, but the feeling of it. The feeling of belonging somewhere, and not having to act a certain way to impress, or do anything other than whats comfortable. His mother died, and so did his home. Immediately after her passing, he has a vision where she tells him to go to Bucharest. He feels as though it is his moral duty to go there and find himself, as well as his mothers love. On the plane ride there, a man falls asleep on his shoulder and suddenly dies. Yet again he is faced with a vision where the man tells him to contact his daughter and give her a message. The moment he sees her, he’s taken aback by her beauty even during sadness and can’t help but want to learn more about her. Their relationship takes a toll when he discovers her violent husband who doesn’t approve of anything that makes her happy.

The music and overall feel of the movie is what really got me hooked. I love the feel-good vibes that are corrupted by reality. It doesn’t bullshit its way to your heart with a classic story of love, but that does’t make it any less loveable.

Kevin Smith’s Clerks


Kevin Smith’s Clerks is a film that changed comedies as a whole. It was the rude awakening of a genre that was long forgotten in the shadow of stupid teen movies and raunchy soft porn comedies. It’s smart and witty humour is the reason for its huge following of fans and spin-offs that are consistantly perfect.

Dante Hicks is a clerk at the local convenience store who  gets called in on his much needed day off. Suddenly, he is bombarded with problems that are so obscure and irritating that it’s one of the worst days of his uneventful life. He, like most people, suffers from the feeling of being insignificant. Every day is the same, go to work, stare at the clock for a few hours, go home, repeat. Its mentally and physically draining to sit around all day and slowly watch life pass by as if it wasn’t something of significance. This is a concept that is relatable to any person of any culture around the world and thats why it got so much praise. Unlike other movies at the time, where the story lines were extremely unlikely and ridiculous, this one is real. It’s a real story, about a real guy, with real problems. It doesn’t bullshit the audience with a flashy lights and attractive celebrities. It’s an independent film that lives up to its expectations without losing its realistic feeling. Film, unlike art or sculpture, is a portal that looks into reality with a different angle, revealing the truth behind its lens, and that is exactly what Clerks achieved.

This film is also the beginning of my favourite characters of all time, Jay and Silent Bob. They were automatically a classic duo that can be defined as the ultimate stoners of the decade. In the likes of Jeff Spicoli, Cheech and Chong, and The Dude, Jay and Silent Bob’s fun-loving demise will go down in history as some of the best stoners, and a pretty bitchin’ halloween costume. 

 Overall Clerks is a classic story that sums up life as a whole; unpredictable, meaningless and if you sit back and relax, enjoyable. 

Rodney Ascher’s Room 237


Unravelling one of the most intellectually driven films of all time, Room 237 is a documentary that will change your perspective on film as a whole.

Stanley Kubrick is a groundbreaking  film maker whose unique style has allowed him to stand out as a genius among mere amateurs of film. His remarkable intelligence shines through in his movies to create an art that will be studied for decades. He has the tendency to make his films that include more than just an amazing story, if you look a little closer it could shock you. His placement of objects, subliminal messages, and overall feel takes people into a trance that allows them to watch over and over. I personally love The Shining, as well as his enthralling film; A Clockwork Orange. I remember the first time I watched it, being so young and not exposed to such heavy context, it opened my eyes to the wonderful world of horror films. His films are similar in their beauty and underlying symbolism that sends shivers down my spine and clears me of all stress. His movies made a large impact on film lovers throughout the globe, thus creating Room 237. 

Rodney Ascher’s Room 237 is a compilation of clips from the legendary film the Shining, with various opinions and arguments surrounding it. Its incredibly interesting and mind-boggling to see how much of the film you miss when you just watch it. The narrators opinions are so raw and heartfelt that its as if  you’re having a intellectual conversation with friends. They truly study Kubrick’s films as if it’s they’re a religion, yet it makes so much sense. Spiritually and mentally it keeps them sane and allows for them to love something more than life itself, so why not call it religion?

This film is perfect for anyone that is interested in Kubrick’s work, or even film as a whole. You learn to question the deeper meaning of film, instead of something you just enjoy to watch once in a while. It can change your perspective on everything and you might not even notice it. It can hit you like a ton of bricks, yet you keep going as if it were a mere particle of dust. Overall, in the end, you will be moved in the most unlikely way that will reflect in your reality.

Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police


Huge explosives, unnecessary romantic sub plots, and unintelligent missions of mass destruction; basically every action movie of the past 10 years. Trey Parker and Matt Stone‘s Team America: World Police portrays exactly whats wrong with the film industry and allows for people to see how stupid action movies are. I’m not joking when I say that its the smartest movie I’ve seen in a long time.

Many people assume that anything created by Trey Parker makes people dumber by the minute, however it is the exact opposite. He points out everything that is wrong with American politics, media, and people, to the point where you are encouraged to think for yourself.

Another winning factor is that the entire movie is made with puppets. Only a genius would think of such a hilarious premise where the characters movements are awkward to the point of uncontrollable laughter.

It tells the story of Gary Johnston, a popular broadway star, who is given the biggest performance of his lifetime. Team America needs his help to take down the evil terrorists by going undercover and stopping their diabolical plan to destroy the world. Throughout the story, he learns about love, friendship, and the American way. Its truly one of the most unforgettable journeys caught on film.

I would recommend this movie to anyone with a trace of intelligence and a cruel sense of humour. I promise that it won’t disappoint.

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