randy barbato

Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey’s Inside Deep Throat


In 1972, the pornographic industry focused on pleasuring only male audiences without even considering women’s needs. It wasn’t until the daring film, Deep Throat, was released into theatres that people acknowledged a woman’s sexuality. The documentary Inside Deep Throat explores the films impact on society and its long lasting effect on the porn industry.

Deep Throat tells the story of a woman who can’t find her “itch”. She’s had sex, and just doesn’t understand its appeal, until she discovers how to achieve an orgasm. This strange technique is what made her such a huge star, not just on screen, but also in the bedroom. She rose to pornographic stardom so quickly that no one seemed to even question her overall feelings toward the career, or her home life. The film goes into great detail of her family members opinions on the subject and the importance of the film as a whole. It was such a racy film since it was the first porno to focus on women’s pleasure, and even acknowledge the female orgasm. Most films finished once the male received pleasure, however, Deep Throat showed that women are just as important. This was extremely controversial considering the time, however was revolutionary in the industry. Linda Lovelace soon became one of the most iconic porn stars and is still recognizable today.

In my opinion, the overall film was extremely informative and has allowed me to see the porn industry in a whole new light. It is a much bigger force in our society than I thought, and can define our time. Porn has made a drastic change since Deep Throat and has morphed into a gender mutual industry, for the most part. There is now porn sites and videos dedicated to women, which shows how women are now considered just as sexually active as men. It is sad to think that there was a time in which women could never achieve pleasure and never even knew what it felt like to orgasm. Its a privilege in life that should be accepted by everyone in society as the norm. Deep Throat has allowed many women to find their “itch” and find themselves along the way.